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Welcome Sanjo Security

As an independent and objective Security and Consultants Company, we can provide you with essentially all of the services of a dedicated, proprietary security manager at a fraction of the cost. We have found that most small and mid-sized (and some large) organizations place the security responsibility under another department such as Facilities Management, Human Resources, Engineering, Operations, etc. We provide expertise and support to those departments on an as needed or retainer basis.


Our services may include site surveys and assessments, policy development, design and implementation of Workplace Violence prevention, fraud control, safety awareness programs, seminars, crisis management programs, security program development and management, planning, support of security services outsourcing, and reviews of and management of contract security providers. We also have experience in planning for and response to organized activist attention such as demonstrations and meeting disruptions.


We have instituted a unique and valuable service for those organizations that don’t have a need for a full-time dedicated security manager but, from time to time, may have some need for security-related support or advice.


We have found that most organizations without a dedicated security manager have designated the security and assets protection responsibility to a person or department such as Facilities Management, Human Resources, Operations, or Engineering. Those persons have many other responsibilities and don't necessarily have the time or expertise to comprehensively deal with all security matters. We complement those functions cost effectively and as needed.